William J. Rosetti

Co-Founder & Managing Director​​​​​​​
Headshot of Bill RosettiHeadshot of Bill Rosetti
Bill began his real estate career in 1970 and oversees the company’s financing and business development. ​​​​​Bill is a former United States Air Force and Pan American Airways pilot who has been active in all facets of the real estate business for over fifty years. During that time, he was at the forefront of a variety of real estate trends in the Bay Area. He was a founder of TRI Realtors, a firm of more than 1,500 residential and commercial agents that was sold to Coldwell Banker. In addition to the several Charitable Boards that he sits on, Bill was a founder and sits on the boards of several organizations that are professionally and politically active in affecting the development of projects and the property rights of the owners in the Bay Area, such as The Coalition for Better Housing in San Francisco, and the Jobs and Housing Coalition in Oakland. He has developed, built, and renovated residential, commercial, and office buildings throughout the Western United States. Bill’s experience also includes joint ventures with the Perini Development Company, and he represented Citibank’s San Francisco office in several of their workout problems with condominium projects. In 2005, he recognized the impact of Mayor Jerry Brown and the dynamic development potential of Oakland as the center of transportation for the Bay Area with its large amounts of developable land. He moved his office and operations there to focus on Oakland. He is the managing partner of investment entities that own a variety of properties including more than 1,000 apartments and 200,000 feet of office and commercial space primarily in Oakland.