Single Family Rentals

East Oakland

The Houses 

Fund I
Investment Period: 2009 to present
IRR: 24.7% to date
Equity Multiple: 5.3x to date

Fund II
Investment Period: 2010 to present
IRR: 22.5% to date
Equity Multiple: 3.9x to date

Fund III
Investment Period: 5 years
IRR: 29.9%
Equity Multiple: 3.3x

Beginning in 2009, CRC Development formed three investment funds to acquire REO and short sale single family homes in Oakland. After initial rehabilitation, the homes were leased to neighborhood families and individuals. Acquisitions concluded in 2012 with the three funds purchasing a combined total of 135 homes. With ongoing sales of selected homes, the company continues to own, operate, and manage a portfolio of single family rental units.
Exterior view of Single Family RentalExterior view of Single Family Rental
Single Family Houses